Fall To-Do List

Coat / Sweater / Nail Polish / Boots / Blanket / Anne of Green Gables For much of the year I’m envious of those of you who live in warm weather climates. But there are a few times each year that living in the north takes the cake, like the first snowfall, waking up to a white Christmas, and those

Life Lessons from Julia Child

Happy Friday, y’all! ** For those of you who receive my blog posts via newsletter, I apologize for the way the pictures looked in the last two posts. I was experiencing some technical difficulties, but I think they should be fixed. If you’d like, you can visit my blog to see the pictures in proper format here and here. And,

5 Tips to Survive Driving in the South of France

One of my best friend’s mom is taking a trip to the south of France next year for a big birthday celebration. Since she’s planning on being the driver she was very curious about how the driving went for us. So after a little persuading (i.e. batch of chocolate chip cookies) I convinced my husband to write-up his thoughts on

Postcards from Provence – Roussillon

Several years ago I read the book ‘A Year in Provence’ by Peter Mayle. He also wrote ‘A Good Year’ which became a movie starring Russell Crowe & Marion Cotillard. Not the best movie ever, but the scenery of Provence is to die for!  Flash forward to this summer and I knew we had to spend a few days in

L’Aperitif – The French Happy Hour

Happy Weekend, Friends! I know I’ve inundated you with travel diary posts this week, and while I have a few more from our time in Provence to share, I thought I’d break it up today with a little French weekend inspiration! One of my favorite things about our trip was the aperitif hour. Sure I love meeting up for happy