Adventures in Alaska

Mike and I have talked about going to Alaska for years and this summer we finally made it to the Last Frontier. I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful this part of the world is. This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise, but seriously you guys, it is incredible and there truly is no place like it

Postcard from Laguna Beach + Weekend Links

The above photo is from a quick trip we took to visit family in Laguna Beach last month. June gloom was in full effect, but you can still tell how incredibly picturesque this part of the world is! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! This was the first weekend I’ve been home in the last few weeks, so

What to Pack – Beach Getaway

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself… Kidding! But seriously, sorry for the disappearance act. Life and work got a little busy over the last few months and my little space on the internet took a back seat. But I have to say, finishing this post felt really good and I’m glad to be back! Confession – I started this post

Luck of the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Regardless if you’re actually Irish or not, today everyone has a little Irish in them! Whether you are wearing green to work or are off to celebrate with a pint of Guinness, I hope the luck of the Irish follows you all day long. Since last year’s Irish proverbs post was a big hit, I rounded up

Weekend Reading + Monogrammed Travel Accessories

Happy Friday, Friends!! Last weekend I was in Florida visiting my parents, so this week was a bit of a bummer to be back in the cold! But at least we’re over the hump for winter! Hopefully Punxsutawney Phil was right and Spring is coming early! As a side note, I watched the Martian on the flight down and it’s