Folding vs Rolling & Other Packing Tips

Do you fold or roll your clothes when you pack your suitcase? I’ve never been someone who always sticks to one method…that is, until now! My latest assignment for the Travel Hack blog was to discuss space-saving tricks in your suitcase, you can read it here. I decided I should do a little research before giving any advice on these

What to Pack for a Weekend at the Lake

No matter where you live in the US going to the lake during the summer is something we all have in common. Most of us know of a place where the paved roads end, the trees get taller, and the world seems to get a little quieter. I mentioned a couples weeks ago that I was heading up to a

A Travel Guide to Savannah, Georgia

I recently traveled to Savannah, Georgia for work and WOWzers, what a gorgeous city! I enjoyed one of the loveliest walks of my life (and snapped quite a few pics as you’ll see below). The city is lined with beautiful historic homes and lots and lots of southern charm! It was a brief trip and I was tied-up for much

Minimize Jet Lag – How to Arrive Feeling (somewhat) Fabulous!

I initially titled this post ‘How to Avoid Jet Lag.’ But truth be told, there is no real cure for jet lag. If you’re flying around different time zones then you’re going to feel a little off. That said, there are ways to minimize jet lag and trick your mind and body into feeling like your fabulous self! Pre-flight Optimum

Weekend Reading

Happy Weekend, Friends! I’m headed up to Northern Minnesota with a group of old friends this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited for some R&R and lake time! We’ve been doing this since we were Juniors in High school…about 15 years now! Where does the time go? Speaking of, is it just me or is the summer flying by?!